Researcher at Roskilde University, Denmark.

I am a cultural studies scholar and a bit of a film fanatic. I specialise in East Asian cinema but I have also worked with other cultural forms, such as literature, adverts and podcasts. I have worked in China and I have been a guest researcher at Lingnan University in Hong Kong.

My research is focused on gender, sexuality and visuality. I have published two books and several articles on queerness, feminism and visuality. To learn more about my work go to the ‘publications’ section. 

If you are based in Denmark and interested in Asian cinema, you can experience it for yourself. Visit the Copenhagen Asian Film Festival in February 2021. Read more about the festival on this website. 


Areas of interest

East Asian film cultures

I am very interested in East Asian media cultures, particularly South Korean cinema, and the cinemas of China and Hong Kong. 

Gender, feminism, sexuality

I work at the intersections of gender and social categories such as nationality, race, ethnicity and class.

Reaching wider audiences

As part of the Copenhagen Asian Film Festival, I work on disseminating knowledge and awareness of Asian cinema cultures to the wider Danish audience. 

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